Top 7 Reasons to Use A Staffing Firm

As an employer, you know how the hiring process goes—for every one promising application you receive, you receive 20 more that are either spam or that make you question the quality of our education system. Finding one good candidate to interview is difficult—finding several can require weeks of time and valuable resources. If you’re tired of spending your hard-earned dollar chasing talent, it may be time to revise your hiring process entirely. Instead of the DIY approach, consider using a staffing firm in Omaha. Here are seven good reasons why:

1. A Quality Firm Understands Your Needs

Stop spending countless hours perfecting the job description. Just tell the right recruiter what position you’re looking to fill and chances are they already have a template in place. When you hire the right firm, it can hit the ground running while you focus on day-to-day business matters.

2. Find Quality Hires

The only reason people pay temporary staffing firms is to find better hires than they can find on their own. Most reputable firms live up to this expectation. If the one you hire doesn’t, you should get your money back.

3. They Have Networks

Over time, recruiters develop strong networks of people who can help them find a variety of candidates. As a result, they know where to look (hint: it’s not Craigslist). Their networks give them an advantage that you just don’t have.

4. They Have a Good Reputation

Unless the name of your company is Facebook or Apple, chances are that your reputation does not precede you. That said, most headhunters receive a pretty warm welcome, if only because of their title.

5. They Do the Screening for You

Stop wasting your time hosting calls with promising candidates that turn out to be anything but. Let the recruiter do that for you. The right recruiter will screen emails, schedule and host phone interviews and ultimately send you the final list of most promising candidates to meet with. The right staffing firm in Omaha should be able to get the list down to two to three people.

6. Fill the Position Faster

If you try to do the hiring yourself, you’ll be forced to juggle the hiring process with day-to-day tasks. This may mean reviewing only a few applications each day as opposed to the dozens you need to sift through to find the right candidate; phone-screening one candidate a day instead of five or six; and hosting one in-person interview a week instead of three or four. A temp staffing firm focuses ONLY on hiring, which means that the person assigned to your account can complete the entire process in as little as a week, as opposed to the month it may take you.

7. Save Money

Ultimately, the best reason to hire a staffing firm in Omaha is to save money. Not only can a staffing firm cut the cost of the hiring process in general, but also, it can save you the cost of hiring the wrong candidate.

In the end, the right temporary staffing firm can help you find a quality hire in less time, with less hassle and in a more cost-effective manner. If you’ve never worked with a staffing firm, it may be time to change that.