Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions from Candidates

  • Why should I work with MyStaff?

    Members of our staffing agency have spent decades building relationships with companies across Nebraska. Our advantage over other employment firms is our team’s experience and established connections.

    We have access to contract, temp-to-hire and full-time career openings from a variety of client companies in all industry sectors.

    We specialize in corporate office recruitment as well as executive (C-suite) level placements.

    Searching for work is not easy and can require a lot of time and energy. MyStaff will help you get noticed and land positions that match your qualifications. Recruiters at MyStaff have access to positions that are often not posted on the job boards.

  • What kind of recruitment services does your agency provide?

    MyStaff offers a wide range of job placement services to job seekers including short-term or seasonal temporary jobs, long-term interim employment positions, temp-to-hire opportunities, and direct hire placements.

  • Can you help me prepare for an interview?

    Applying for jobs can be an impersonal process. Our “headhunters” will work with you on interview preparation, reviewing resumes as well as making recommendations and will provide updated job market insight to help you compete for challenging roles.

  • What kind of pay does MyStaff offer?

    Temporary/contract and temp-to-hire employees receive hourly pay on a biweekly basis. To attract the most qualified employees, MyStaff partners with our client companies to offer competitive wages and benefits. 

    Permanent (direct hire) employees are recruited and placed on our clients’ payroll. Although compensation, benefits and PTO will differ for each company, members of the MyStaff team can help provide clarity and insight about total compensation packages prior to the interview process.


  • Will working with MyStaff help me get a full-time job?

    Most contract roles thru MyStaff are available on a full-time basis. This is a perfect opportunity for you to work in a position first to see if it is a great match for you! 

    Our team of staffing professionals will speak with you about your goals as well as your background in order to match you with your ideal career opportunity. We occasionally have part-time work, seasonal jobs or short-term positions but will only contact you about those options if requested.


  • What kind of flexibility does a contract job offer me?

    MyStaff can help present a variety of project-based roles. Whether you strive to get your foot in the door with a top employer, would like seasonal supplementary income, find part-time beneficial, or recognize the value in accepting a contract role while you search for a full-time position, we have opportunities that fit your goals!

  • Does your staffing firm charge a fee for assisting me with my job search?

    No, there is no fee for MyStaff to assist you with your job search!

Frequently Asked Questions from Clients

  • What types of positions do you place?

    Administrative/Clerical, Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Sales and support, Marketing & Sr Executive Leadership  

  • How does your agency find talent?

    Our approach to recruiting includes proactive networking, referral generation, utilization of technology and customized sourcing based on each individual search.

    Our process begins with listening and striving to understand common goals so we can identify skills and traits that are most important for success in each placement.

  • How long does the process take from candidate contact through hire?

    Our clients regularly have a high sense of urgency, our process is to mirror that immediacy. After gathering information about your company, workforce, open position and required skillset for this role, the search begins. Depending on the complexity and scope of your opening in conjunction with your interview process, the search time can vary. Temporary placements can happen in days (sometimes hours) whereas director-level recruitment can take weeks or longer. Our team understands challenges related to a competitive market. We strive to move the process forward as quickly as possible and will provide weekly updates to your search.

  • Why should I work with MyStaff

    Our well-established team has over 162 years of combined recruitment experience. We know people and we know companies therefore when we receive a new position we are rarely starting from scratch. Our recruiting experts will ask questions to understand the purpose of the role so we can work more effectively to find you the right employee who not only fits your open position but also your culture.

    MyStaff has a proven roster of talented employees for short-term, seasonal or contract positions especially if you need someone quickly or for a limited time.

    MyStaff thoroughly vets every candidate, so you are assured you are getting the most talented employee for your opening. Our effective staffing solutions allow you to focus your time and energy on your broader business aspects.

    MyStaff has a talented pool of qualified passive job seekers many of whom are not registered on job boards or advertising their availability on networking sites.

    Our experienced staffing team will offer transparency and guidance through the selection of qualified candidates for your job opening.

    MyStaff can help you control and often reduce the costs of hiring. From sourcing, screening, and interviewing qualified candidates, we can assist your hiring team in closing any gaps you have in your process and help you retain top talent.

    With a variety of hiring models, you can decide the best option to attract and secure your new employee. Several of our options offer the flexibility to try out a new employee to determine if they are a good fit for your team and bring the skills needed for the role.

    As a trusted and proven staffing firm, MyStaff is your employment partner. We’re an extension of your team when it comes to finding the right employees the first time.

    We save your team time and headaches reviewing resumes and eliminating candidates who don’t fit your job opening. When your team partners with ours, you can focus on your core business functions and leave the hiring to us.

  • Do you offer assessments or personality profiles?

    We offer a variety of assessments based upon what you need to make a successful hire. Your Account Manager can help you create the right assessment or profile that best fits your opening.

  • What is your screening process?

    There are several steps to our interview process. First, we conduct a thorough phone or virtual interview with all prospective candidates. If we feel they are a good fit for your open position, our recruiters will send a resume and profile summary to your hiring manager.

    We’re involved in preparing candidates for interviews, providing details about the position and company, and updating their interview status with other competing organizations.

    We will obtain references upon request. Some clients prefer to conduct references internally or will decline references in an effort to be consistent with other applicants.

  • Do you provide any pre-employment screenings on your candidates?

    We can tailor pre-employment screenings that match your existing company requirements.

  • Can you tell me about your pricing?

    Our fees are competitively priced for staffing services throughout the Midwest.

    We offer customized pricing solutions for volume hiring.

    We provide replacement guarantees for direct hire placements