Virginia Frazey

Without dating myself too much, let’s just say I have well over 25 years in the Omaha staffing world. I’ve had the pleasure of watching so many businesses and careers grow and change. I see the world of staffing as a dynamic industry. Where else can you help so many people with life changing decisions and assist organizations in becoming more successful by hiring the right people?

My title? It depends on the situation and it changes constantly. Partner, Account Manager, Business Developer, Recruiter, HR Consultant… Who really needs a title? If you are calling to make a complaint, call Brad. I’m unavoidably detained.

The staffing industry has never been better. Smart phones, online job boards, and other social media outlets are a dream come true. My Millennial partners never had to walk a mile through the snow to use a rotary telephone and a phone book. We have access to amazing tools to help recruit the best talent and stay in contact with everyone we serve with incredible ease and speed. So, I challenge you to bring it on! Let’s work together and enjoy the ride!

Learn More About Me
  • My favorite part of what I get to do every day is connecting with interesting and talented people. My goal is for these relationships to become friendships, forming the foundation of our business.
  • I love traveling, hiking, boating, and enjoying frosty beverages on sandy beaches.
  • I have certifications… The PHR, the SHRM-CP… They make my name longer and I sound important.
  • I used to have cats and then they got old and died. Now I’m on the hunt for a dog who can protect me from bears and mountain lions.
  • Thanks to COVID, I’m fortunate to live in Colorado and work remote. Living where you want and doing what you love is the ultimate bonus!