Courtney Lesiak

As someone who enjoys competition, recruiting has been a natural fit for me. My family and friends would agree I am highly competitive and a natural communicator. In my younger years,  we joked that my tall stature and competitive nature was wasted because I wasn’t the greatest in sports, in fact, I was pretty awful at them.  However, I found my stride in speech competitions, becoming a two-time State Speech Champion and State Runner-Up. These skills have directly translated to the careers I have chosen. 

I was highly competitive as a police officer, always wanting to close a case and find a way to the truth, when others couldn’t. Now, I use those same competitive and investigative skills to find the best talent for our clients. I enjoy being part of a winning team and I feel I am surrounded by some of the best players in staffing here at MyStaff. 

Get to know me:
  • I might be from a small town and now live in a small town now, but country music is not my thing. I prefer hard rock -something I can really bang my head to! 
  • My two boys keep me on my toes, and I am glad I have some police training to handle their wild sides. 
  • Like a true millennial, I live for iced coffee, even if it is -20 degrees out.
  • I am a natural dreamer. I love doing the next biggest and best thing! Recruiting has allowed me to constantly try something new and MyStaff has given me the opportunity to recruit for Executive Level positions. 
  • My husband and I really enjoy cooking and grilling. Not being around a ton of restaurants has really forced us to try new dishes from all over the world!